Quality policy

 Quality policy of UKRAINIAN WINGS

 It is the policy of UKRAINIAN WINGS to operate at all times in compliance with applicable standards of safety and fully in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements for both ground and in-flight operational activities.

To achieve this objective Airline will maintain, on a continuous basis, an effective quality assurance programme for all areas of its activity. The quality assurance programme takes into consideration all the operational aspects of Airline services and provides the ability to control at each important stage of the operation to ensure continuity of Airline’s approvals according to OPS1 and Part-M Subpart G.

Procedures that are being developed by the Airline’s divisions establishes individual requirements of each operational stage undertaken. This allows personnel to fulfil their function, providing the highest level of quality of work or Airline’s services, and the risks associated with operational activities, are reduced and controlled to an acceptable level for the Airline.

Managers at all levels should ensure that all employees understand, implement and maintain the quality and safety objectives of the Airline detailed in Airline’s regulatory documents governing its operational activities.

The management of UKRAINIAN WINGS is firmly committed to the concept of quality assurance in all activities and encourages every employee, regardless of his competence and area of responsibility, guided by these principles in their work and take an active participation in the improvement of existing processes and procedures.

Managers at all levels are entrusted with the authority and responsibility to implement the quality assurance programme throughout the Airline departments reporting to them on behalf of the General Director. In particular the Head of Quality Department has the responsibility and entrusted with the necessary authority to verify that the implementation of these processes are effective and to report directly to the General Director on the status of implementation of the Airline quality assurance program and all aberration are not corrected by the heads of departments at timely manner.